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"Composer-guitarist Sasha Markovic celebrates Films, a new effort from his Yagull project that shows off his unique chamber-folk compositional style. The disc is aptly named—these super chill yet richly evocative instrumentals achieve a transporting, cinematic quality."     Time Out New York

Album "films" out now!!!! Written, arranged and produced by Sasha Markovic, worldwide distribution by Moonjune Records, Available on ITunesAmazonCD BabyMoonjune.com and www.yagull.com 

Album "the sours" available through www.yagull.com / Moonjune Records / ITunes /CDBaby / Amazon

03.26.14..."instrumental music doesn't get much classier." , the fantastic new review in Progression Magazine by Mr. Raymond Benson
                  Available now!!! (# 66)

03.12.14...The second phase of the new Yagull record sessions are starting. Great writing session with our dear friend and guitarist
                 extraordinaire Beledo. Looking forward to the next one very much.             

02.22.14...Decameron II box set featuring Yagull's brand new track P's Ways to be released this summer on Musea Records in Europe.
                 Thanks to Mr.Marco Bernard for directing this great project! More updates and links to come.

02.06.14...Nice new Yagull "films" review in Greece!

02.05.14..."the sours" album new feature on Planet Moonjune! Sarah Schrift's and Sasha Markovic's new release is now available worldwide.

01.22.14..."ingenious, spellbinding, acoustic sceneries and dedicated melodies" ..great review of 'films" in the new edition of Maelsrom

01.18.14...Yagull "films" on sale worldwide through Moonjune.com!!! Check out the new full feature Yagull page on Planet Moonjune.

01.18.14..."sashasonia" album on sale worldwide through Moonjune.com!!!

12.31.13...Happy New Year from Yagull! It's been an amazing ride in 2013, and many great things are lined up for 2014, We wish
                 you all a wonderful year full of peace, love and music. Please stay tuned for many exciting updates in 2014 and beyond. Thank
                 you for all the love and support and see you all very soon.

12.12.13...Yagull captured live at Steinway Hall by superb photographer Zoran Jelenic.

12.07.13...Yagull "films" feature on Portugese RUM Radio, 97.5FM.  Salutations to all the fantastic Portugese fans.

12.01.13...Wonderful Spanish painter Susana Khabbaz writing about Yagull, inspiration, and art fusion

11.20.13...Yagull live from the Steinway Hall, New York City on November 2nd, 2013. The new take on the old song. The "films" opening track                   Dark deconstructed and reconstructed.

The simplicity - if it is the result of a careful study - doesn't mean anything. If anything, it adds value in terms of sound                                     communication. It is precisely for this reason that the songs of Markovic arrive, greet and welcome you with ambiguous filigree                         shades of film music."Another great review from Mentelocale, Italy . Thanks to Mr. Ricardo Scorti.

11.09.13...Thanks to everybody who came and supported the Asian Family Alliance fundraiser at the legendary NYC Friars Club . It was a
                  great evening and Sasha, Sarah and Anthony were please to be a part of it. More photos from Yagull and the sours performances                     to come soon.

11.06.13...Yagull / the sours Live at the Friars Club, NYC on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 from 7pm-10pm.
                  Tickets for Asian Family Alliance Fundraiser available now! Sasha Markovic, Sarah Schrift & Anthony Mullin will be music guests  
                  and perform the material from "films" and "the sours" albums, as well as a few suprises. Come join us and donate to this great

10.24.13..." Yagull's enchanting version of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath  makes it fresh, delicate, beautiful..." , fantastic new review of "films"
                  in Rock Imressions  ( in Italian )

10.23.13...Yagull "films" in depth review on Progressor. Check out the Uzbekistan Progressive Rock Pages.

10.21.13...Zozemusic & "films" feature on New Prog Releases Blogspot

10.19.13...Yagull "films" in Progressive Newsletter Magazine ( Issue 77 )

10.18.13...Yagull's  Summerdreamer  on Papaj's Archives

10.6.13..."Don’t let the acoustic tag impact your mindset on this either, for there is as much power in these grooves as a Marshall stack on 11,
                it’s just more cerebral and only slightly less physical
" , a great review by Rob Hudson in Modmove Magazine

09.13.13... Great Yagull "fims" coverage in the newest issue of Prog Resiste magazine !!! 

09.11.13...the sours album NYC record release party announced  -  Saturday, September 21, 2013 at Cafe Vivaldi.
                 The new album produced by Sasha Markovic and featuring Sarah Schrift , Kana Kamitsubo and Sasha available on
                 ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby, www.yagull.com . Worldwide distribution : Moonjune Records

08.29.13...Please tune in to WBAI 99.5FM  Tuesdays at 8PM and listen to Eco Logic!!! Again,  hosted by Mr. Ken and
                  featuring music from Yagull "films" album.  Listen and learn. You can also check it out online.

08.26.13...Jazz News' announcement of Yagull "films"

08.24.13...Just announced! Yagull live at the Friars Club ( Asian Family Alliance Benefit 2013 ) on Wednesday, November 6, 2013. at 7PM
                 Please come and support this great cause!!!

08.14.13...Chain Film Festival update: another Teed Off ( music score by Sasha Markovic ) screening tomorrow in Long Island City
                 Tickets available here. Almost sold out, so buy now.

07.26.13...Happy Happy Birthday - Sasha and Kana live at the Subculture, New York City 7.11.13.

07.25.13...Teed Off movie ( soundtrack composed by Sasha Markovic ) is in the official selection of Chain NYC Film Festival (8.15.13).
                 More info and purchase tickets here.

07.23.13..." Markovic's work presents beautiful, exotic and melancholy songs in a language that lies between the Chamber Music                                          and Progressive..." , Brasilian Alquimia reviews "films"

07.22.13..."pleasantly blown away by the album", the great new review of "films" on Arlequins Webzine  (in Italian)

07.21.13...Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal 's Yagull feature

07.21.13...In A Gadda Da Vida!!!! Yagull live at Subculture Arts and Underground, New York City 7.11.13.

07.20.13...the sours album featuring Sarah Schrift, Sasha and Kana is ready!!! Set to be released in September 2013. Stay tuned!

07.16.13...Thanks from Sasha, Kana, Marko, Anthony and Sarah for all the support! The evening at the Subculture was very special to all of us.                    Check out the photos here .  Videos are coming soon!

07.11.13..."these super chill yet richly evocative instrumentals achieve a transporting, cinematic quality" ,  Time Out comments on "films"

07.11.13...Yagull "fims" record release party / Sveti  at Subculture ,   New York Daily News announcement

07.11.13...Yagull "films" New York City record release party at the amazing new Village venue SubCulture .
                   The evening will also feature special performance by Sveti ( Marko Djordjevic - a drummer extraordinaire ).
                   Come join us and celebrate and support live music.  July 11th, 2013 @ 7PM,    tickets on sale now - 12$

06.24.13..."fillms" is a definite highlight of the year!!! Phil Jackson reviews the album in Acid Dragon Magazine

06.19.13...Background Magazine on Yagull "films". Another fine review!

06.13.13..."Films is a dark and somber affair, acoustic in nature with a strong flair for chamber/folk music" , Sea Of Tranquility reviews Yagull

06.12.13...Sarah Schrift' s painting ( Sasha) featured at Concentric-Big Bang exhibition in Brooklyn, NY this Thursday.

06.11.13...Lori Reddy on the mission!!!! Read about her recent involvement in Music Therapy program at Easter Seals. And of course, support!

06.09.13...Yagull on Profile Radio!!!

05.27.13...Read the new in depth review of "films" on Progcast , great Brasilian magazine/ site dedicated to progressive music ( in Portugese )

05.14.13..."Yagull's reserved take on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and White Room struck us with ingenious, spellbinding, acoustic sceneries and 
                dedicated melodies" , Gut Feeling Magazine reviews Yagull

05.07.13...Please visit one of our favorite all around artist's website . Very elegant painted individual will welcome you...New album "the sours"
                 coming out this summer and features Sarah Schrift, Sasha Markovic and Kana Kamitsubo. Stay tuned...

04.28.13..."Sensual and sensational, a Big Apple instrumental collective project a magic light onto a mind screen..."
                   excellent review of Yagull "films"on DMME.net . Check out this great site and some of their fantastic interviews with numerous
                   hard rock, blues, prog, classic rock legends (Dan McCafferty, John Lawton, Ian Anderson, Paul McCartney, Dio...)

04.25.13...Yagull "films" featured on Silhobbit.com

04.23.13..."..."films" is a dark, mystical, acoustic journey..." , Muzik An Sich review (in German)

04.22.13...Gaplegate Guitar and Bass Blog review of  Yagull "films"

04.13.13...ArtRock gives 8/10 stars to Yagull "films" ( in Polish)

04.12.13...Fantastic first night of Crossroads Festival 2013 at Madison Square Garden. Check out the photos here!

04.10.13...Napalmed review of "films"  (in Czech )

04.07.13...Yagull "films" in  iO Pages, Apil 2013 Issue ( in Dutch )

04.06.13...Spin Magazine photo ( lost and found )

04.02.13..."The beast is beautiful in "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" - new "films"review in Spain ( TomaJazz )

03.28.13...The newest review of "films" on Artists & Bands by Mr. Gianluca Livi (in Italian)

03.22.13..."it is an acoustic album of depth and great beauty...", Kev Rowland reviews "films" on Maly Leksykon

03.21.13...There is no substitute for beauty, especially when it comes to the music you listen to… this acoustic group offers up some of the   
                 most beautiful 21st Century “chamber music” you’ll ever hear… just scope out “East” to hear what I’m talking about!
                 IMPROVIJAZZATON NATION reviews Yagull

03.21.13..."With the album "films" New York guitarist shows that reduced instrumentation, can make a wonderful atmosphere
                  and a great drive" , MuzikZirkus review of Yagull "films" (in German)

03.20.13...Yagull in JazzMusicArchives

03.18.13...DistritoJazz coverage of Yagull "films"  (in Spanish)

03.16.13... "Fantástico, vai rolar direto no meu som" , a fine review of Yagull "films" on ProgBrasil

03.15.14.Moonjune's Offiicial website featuring Yagull !!!  Also, check out the fantastic new Soft Machine Legacy album Burden Of Proof, purchase tickets for Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival 2013 at Madison Square Garden featuring Allan Holdsworth, and many more Moonjune updates. Special thanks to  Leonardo Pavkovic and  John McGuire

03.15.13...Great night of live music at 206 Lounge yesterday. Yagull ( Sasha Markovic and Kana Kamitsubo) played an hour set full of                                  new pieces, as well as material from "films", and joined by Sarah Schrift for 3 songs from the upcoming album "The Sours"                                 featuring Sasha. Amazing Em Z did her soulful set from 9PM, and  Walter Stedding ( Andy Warhol, Blondie, Chris Stern, Robert                            Fripp ) did his legendary extravaganza performance at 10PM. Read about it here, and see the photos.  


03.14.13...Live show just announced -  Yagull Live at 206 Lounge, NYC, Thursday, March 14th, 8PM. EmZ performance from 9PM will also                           feature Sasha ( Yagull line up: Sasha Markovic - guitar, Kana Kamitsubo- piano, very special guest Sarah Schrift-vocals)

03.09.13...Dark (by Yagull) - opening song on today's Fenix, the fantastic Portugese Radio Show , along with some great new music. Listen!!!

03.03.13..."Films is a somber yet beautiful guitar-layered instrumental album that is a dark, haunting, beautiful...", a great review by
                  Zachary Nathanson (The Music Frome The Other Side Of The Room)

02.26.13...Moors Magazine - a fine Yagull "films" review

02.20.13...Music Street Journal in depth, song by song review of Yagull "films" ( by G. W. Hill )

02.18.13...Jerry Lucky "films" coverage

02.18.13...ProgRock review of "films" by Jacek Chudzik (in Polish)

02.17.13...Yagull on Late For The Sky. Fantastic review by Paolo C. Carnevale

02.16.13...More radioplay in Brasil: Listen to "Music Company" by Mr. Gilberto Mineiro

02.15.13...Radioplay in Mexico: Distance featured on Radio Pajaro Hombre, fantastic show hosted by Mr. Roberto Lupercio!!!

02.09.13...Baby Sue review of Yagull - "films"

02.08.13...BabyBlaue Prog site reviews "films"

02.01.13...United Mutations reviews "films"

01.22.13...Yagull featured on "Different Colours Of Jazz" on Polish Radio. This fantastic show is hosted by Mr. Andrzej Patlewicz.

01.22.13..."films" review on HFP (in Hungarian)

01.19.13...ProgLog AFTERGLOW reviews Yagull "films" (in Dutch)

01.18.13...The newest review on JazzQuad !!!  (in Russian) Thanks to Mr. Leonid Auskern.

01.13.13...Ragazzi Music reviews "films" (in German)

01.12.13..."Yagull's astounding version of White Room has to be heard to be believed " - review of MoonJune's complilation featuring Yagull by
                  Kev Rowland, featured on alfa Radio, Krakow 102.4FM  , Maly Leksikon Wieklich Zespolov, Poland

01.11.13..."sounds like unplugged, sombreros wearing Jethro Tull..." - SoundGuardian gives 5 points to Yagull!!! ( review in Croatian )

01.06.13...Tune in live on Sunday , January 6th at 10AM Eastern time to listen Sasha's interview about Yagull album on
                 Curved  Radio with Gayle Austin, legendary Australian rock DJ !!!

01.04.13...La Luna Di Alfonso review of "films"

01.03.13...La Villa Strangiato: tonight (January 3, 2013) @ 8:00 pm ET, CHUO 89.1 FM; www.chuo.fm

01.03.13...Nils Herzog's review on muzikreviews.de

01.03.13...Yagull featured on El Retorno Del Gigante Argentinian radio show in January 2013 (special on Moonjune Records)

01.02.13...Bad Alchemy Magazine Yagull review - for all German fans, buy the latest issue of Bad Alchemy (BA75)

01.02.13...Chedragon review (in Korean)

12.28.12....On Top Audio. France - Great review by Mr. Michel Bedin

12.26.12...."films" review on Resensator.de  (in German)

12.22.12....Yagull on Progulator radio

12.22.12....New review  in Progulator (by Matt Di Giordano)

12.16.12....Great review of the album on www.acousticmusic.com . Thanks to Mr. Mark S. Tucker

12.12.12....New review of Yagull "films" on Prog-Rock.info (in German) . Thanks to Mr. Roland Leicht

11.27.12....MoonJune's Compilation is number 1 on BandCamp in the Jazz category!!! Thanks to everyone who supports great music!

11.27.12....Please tune in to WBAI 99.5FM  tonight at 8PM and listen to Eco Logic!!! Fantastic radio show hosted by Mr. Ken
                  featuring music from "films" album.  This episode features guest meteorologist Tom Wysmuller and his climate
                  predictions (which were perfectly accurate for the past 3 years). You can also listen online.

11.20.12....Thanks to everyone buying "films" album!!! Please spread the word. Like us on Facebook and Reverbnation

11.19.12.....photos from Big Apple Film Festival, Tribeca Cinemas, New York City, November 14th, 2012

11.16.12.....Moonjune Records 2001-2012 Compilation featuring Yagull and sashasonia out now

11.02.12.....“Teed Off" movie (score by Sasha Markovic, featuring Joni by sashasonia) at the official selection of BAFF
                    (Nov. 14 at Tribeca    Cinemas, NYC)”

10.01.12....."sashasonia album review"

09.30.12......"Two Tu Too on La Villa Strangiato radio broadcast (written by Sasha Markovic)"

09.22.12......"sashasonia performance at Friars Club at BurmaRelief event ( October 2nd, 2012 )"
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