Yagull on Curved Radio

7.11.16...Listen to the Curved Radio! Sasha enjoyed talking to legendary Gayle Austin (the first female rock DJ in Australia). Check out the photo collage Dali meets Betty Davis meets Uriah Heep, Nick Drake and Tommy Bolin... Great company to be in :). Gayle and Sasha also talked about the new Yagull album sessions, collaboration with wonderful painter  Susana Khabbaz, and much more.

River Was (guitar album)

The new Yagull album  is out now!

RIVER WAS features 10 original acoustic guitar tunes written, arranged and produced by Sasha Markovic. 7 brand new compositions with 3 renditions.

Los Pajaros, Z-Parrow, Two Tu Too are stripped down versions of songs from "KAI", "Films" and "sashasonia" albums. 

This is an overture for the brand new Yagull record by Sasha and Kana coming out in 2018.

Radio Xymphonia

9.5.16..."A lot of progressive music is created through the use of unlimited possibilities of the electronic world. By removing bombastic soundscapes and fall back to the acoustic sound, Yagull's music delivers more intimate and intense feel." a great review in Holland from Radio Xymphonia 

"These richly evocative instrumentals achieve a transporting, cinematic quality."  

 Time Out New York

New Yagull album "Yuna" coming out in September 

Yagull Interview in UK

Yagull interview on THE BOOGIE WONDERLAND SHOWwith Mr. Nick Davies - . Tune in to UK Radio Winchcombe TOMORROW, 10.27.16.  at 10PM UK time.

Lead Belly Talk 

9.25.16..Tune in to Curved Radio live at 10:30am ET and listen to Sasha and John Reynolds, Lead Belly legacy archivist, and the author of the most comprehensive book about Lead Belly, "Life In Pictures" talk to legendary Gayle Austin (the first female rock DJ in Australia) about recent Lead Belly Fest at Carnegie Hall, and London Royal Albert Hall. Recording of the show will stream here.

Japan & NYC Sessions

​​New Yagull album recorded in Japan and NYC from April to August. Nine brand new tunes centered around Kana's piano and Sasha's guitar melodic interplay. Theme based, cinematic, cross genre, the album will also bring a few surprises to Yagull fans. Out in early 2018.

​​Yagullthe official website

New Album available NOW!!!

New Yagull Video

New video from The National Opera Center 

New York City  Session in July.

Searching For The Moon will be the opener on the new Yagull album, coming out in 2018. Stay tuned.

News Archive

​03.22.16...Read the interview with the painter Susana Khabbaz, in Italian  Artesociale where she talks importance of music in her creative process, and lists Yagull as her big inspiration. Susana is amazing Spanish artist who internationally exhibits her powerful original, and instantly recognizable art.  

03.07.16...New album recording sessions begin in Japan in mid April with lots of new material. Here is the preview of one of the new tunes from a recent show at Flushing Town Hall in NYC. The working title is Dawn.

02.29.16...Check out the video of Yagull and Beledo performing their unique version of Deep Purpl classic "Burn" from their recent gig at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn. 

02.13.16...Double radio feature today with with lots of Yagull music. Curved Radio with Sasha DJ spot with legendary Gayle Austin at 8:45am ET and Mr. Raymond Benson's MoonJune feature on ProgRock radio at 6pm ET. Listen, discover, enjoy!

02.05.16...Yagull on Curved Radio. Listen to Sasha and Gayle chat and share some of great new music from around the world with listeners in Australia, world, and beyond... LIVE from the 2ser FM - Real Radiostudios in Sydney, AU Sunday, 2/13 11pm > 2am Monday (Sydney time).

01.17.16...The new YouTube page is up!

01.02.16...Happy New Year from Yagull!

12.21.15...Excellent new review of "Kai" in Italy by ProgressivaMenteBlog. 

12.13.15...Magical evening at Shapeshifter Lab. What a treat to play with amazing Beledo and Gilad Atzmon. Kana's performance was beyond amazing. The recording will be mixed for possible release. Videos and photos are on the way. 

11.28.15...Beautiful live performance of Yagull's brand new song "Dawn".

11.16.15...Shapshifter's Lab show announced. Yagull will be sharing stage with Mark Wingfield & Kevin Kastings and Beledo Trio, amazing artists from Moonjune family. Beledo will join Sasha and Kana on a few tracks.  Be there on December 13 at 7pm for all night musical adventure.

11.15.15...Another Yagull's live performance today at National Opera Center, NYC. This time it was a bit different version of Dark.

11.11.15..."What a treat!!!" , Mr. George W. Harris of Jazz Weekly reviews Yagull "Kai".

11.10.15...Buuuuuuurn!!!!  Yagull live from Flushing Town Hall

11.08.15...Yagull live at the Flushing Town Hall at FOHI Wellness / Hug Music Event for parents of children with autism spectrum and special needs

10.01.15..."Brilliant album! Gentle acoustic music made in the heart of noisy Big Apple", great review of "Kai" in Italian "Arlequins"

09.15.15..."Yagull's new album is magnificent!", Moors Magazine, Belgium

08.11.15...Greetings from Japan! Lots of good things going on. We wrote new material and very excited to record. Our  session is scheduled for 8.14. Also , tune in to  Australian Curved Radio ( live streaming globally ) tomorrow morning ( 10am ET ). Sasha will be a guest DJ. 
 Hosted , as always by legendary Gayle Austin, Australia's first female rock DJ. Listen, discover, enjoy, get inspired. 

08.01.15..."I applaud musicians able to create and perform gentle music in a manner that manages to maintain tension and interest, who by skills in                   composition and performance can create music of this kind that is interesting in its own right.", review of Kai in Progressor by Mr Olav Martin Bjornsen.


07.17.15...Yagull interview on Australian Curved Radio tomorrow at 10am Eastern Time. The show is hosted by legendary Gayle Austin. Gayle was the first Australian female rock DJ. There will be a few interesting musical surprises, unreleased tracks, material from "Kai" and more.

07.04.15..."What a treat!!!" , Mr. George W. Harris of Jazz Weekly reviews Yagull "Kai".

07.01.15...YourMusicBlog features "Kai" in the new edition. Excellent review!

06.22.15...Fantastic review of Yagull's new album in ACOUSTIC MUSIC by Mr. Mark S. Tucker. Lots of praise for Kana!!!

06.15.15...Progression ( the only US prog magazine ) reviews both Yagull "Kai" and "the sours". Thanks to Mr. John Collinge and  Mr. Raymond Benson!  Both excellent reviews! 15/15 for Kai and 12/15 for the sours!!!! ( the new issue - 67 )

05.29.15...First review in Italy, and it's a very positive one!!! Thank you Vinyl Legacy Association- Late For The Sky!!!

05.28.15...Great review of Yagull "Kai' in one of the biggest jazz sites in Spanish "Tomajazz"!!!

05.26.15...French Highlands Magazine gives 4 stars to "Kai" in the newest issue ( issue 72 - Steve Hackett on the cover ). Buy it and read the great in depth review!


05.15.15...Very positive review of the new album in Greece!

05.10.15...Another good review from Netherlands, this time in Keys and Chords. Thanks Mr. Patrick Van De Wielle.

05.02.15..Macedonian "Jazz Spaces" radio playing North and Burn from Kai album in tonight's show. Tune in 94.1FM Radio 2, Skopje.

05.01.15...ProgLog Afterglow gives 4 starts to the new Yagull record (Netherlands)

04.28.15...Another excellent review of Yagull "Kai" in JazzQuad by Mr. Leonid Auskern.

04.22.15...A+ review on Shakefire.com. Thank you Mr. AJ Garcia

04.20.15...The newest "Kai" review in Dutch Background Magazine. Thank you Mr. Pedro Bekkers!

04.19.15..."Themes that speak to the heart..." excellent review of Yagull " Kai' in Grande Rock.

04.16.15...Great review in Hungary! HiFiPac on Yagull, read here.

04.14.15...Dutch Paperlate Radio show playing 2 tracks of "Kai" tonight ( Dark and Burn ) 

04.12.15...ProgBrasil reviews the new Yagull album!

04.10.15...Bop-N-Jazz  featuring "Kai"!

04..05.15...Fantastic review of "Kai" in Music From The Other Side Of The Room, ". Thank you Mr. Zachary Nathanson!!!

03.27.15..Rocker UK reviews "Kai", "It's a real treat and should be one that those with a taste for adventure check out immediately..."

03.24.15...Good review of "Kai" in Grande Rock Magazine. Also, check out their great feature on legendary Cozy Powell in the latest issue.

03.16.15...Great in depth track by track review of Yagull "Kai" in Music Street Journal

03.12.15...Listen to the extensive interview with Sasha Markovic about the new Yagull album "Kai" on "The Week In Reviews" Check out this fantastic show on BlogTalkRadio featuring the legendary host Simon Barrett. Past guests include Rick Wakeman (Yes), Greg Rolie (Journey) and many more. Subscribe, learn and enjoy!

03.12.15...Please tune in to  BlogTalkRadio this Thursday at 5PM and listen to the interview with Sasha Markovic in promotion of Yagull "Kai" album. Great reviews keep coming from all around the world!

03.08.15...AllAboutJazz.com full feature on Yagull "Kai"!!!!

03.07.15...Yagull "Kai excellent review in classical section of Polish "MuzikBloog". 

03.07.15...Don Campau and "NoPigeonholes" featuring the Yagull album closer "Oyasumi" on tonight show on Radio Marabu.

03.04.15...Broadway World on "Kai". Read the whole feature and keep spreading the word!

03.01.15...One more fantastic review in Belgium. Music In Belgium features "Kai" in their Chronicles!

02.26.15...Yagull Live at the National Opera Center, New York on November 9, 2014.

02.22.15...Yagull "North" , the opening track from"Kai" Live at the Steinway Hall, NYC, 2014

02.12.15...German webzine "Gaesteliste" reviews Yagull's new album!

02.10.15...Legendary Echoes Radio 

featuring Yagull- Mio in tonight's show!

02.05.15..."Powerful melodic writing and sensitivity", Canadian Textura reviews "Kai".

02.01.15..."Yagull "Kai' is perfect example of beauty and simplicity", the new review in Korea! Thank you CheDragon!

01.31.15...Babyblaue reviews Yagull. Read here!

01.23.15...Yagull feature in German Ragazzi Musik! An excellent in depth review!

01.18.15..."Not a word is sung, but with every note the musicians manage to express more that any language could. Pure, moving, cinematic, and unearthly beautiful!, fantastic review of "Kai' in Belgian Rootstime! 

01.16.15...Two great reviews of Yagull "Kai" in Rocktimes and MuzikReviews.De. (Germany)

01.15.15..."Delicate intimation from a tight-knit unit sharing their inner light with the world" and excellent review by Mr. Dmitri Epstein for DMME.net.  

01.14.15..."Utterly solid contemporary instrumental music, there's nothing here that's really far a field but the most welcome echoes of Mancini, Morricone, and other greats takes on new dimension.Killer stuff the adult ears can't help but love. Hot Stuff",
short but sweet review from Midwest Record.

01.11.15..."Yagull takes elements of folk, classical and chamber music and molds it into a delectable acoustic collage of melody and subtle nuance. Kai is another winner that deserver your attention.", Sea Of Tranquility's Jon Neudorf reviews the new CD.

01.03.15..."Being truly progressive relies on an open minded approach where there are no expectations that can't be ingnored and no compositional leaps that can't be cleared. Reinvention or revelation, Kai is inviting in both extremes", Mr. Rob Hudson reviews
 the new Yagull cd for Australian " Modmove ".

01.01.15...Happy New Year from Yagull! 

Dear friends, sisters and brothers in music,

We salute you! Happy New Year!!!! 
Let it be even more inspiring, healthy and full of beautiful music for all.
2014 was extremely inspiring year for Yagull. Thank you all or your continuous support. 
Here are the highlights:
We recorded the new Yagull album " Kai ". It is set for its worldwide release on January 20th, 2015 on MoonJune Records. It is the most special and important album for both of us. It marks very important year in our lives, that started with the arrival of our son, Kai who we dedicate the music to. It speaks for itself, so please listen to the album sampler.
It was an enriching experience working with the amazing and quite diverse line up of dear friends and fantastic musicians Dewa Budjana (guitar), Beledo (guitar, lute), Lori Reddy (flute), Marko Djordjevic (drums), Wen Chang (violin), Gabriel Lit (clarinet), Yoshiki Yamada (upright bass), Anthony Mullin of the Blackfires (guitar), Jackson Kincheloe of Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds (harmonica).
The album photos are courtesy of superb photographer Zoran Jelenic, and the liner notes are courtesy of Mr. Mark Redlefsen (All About Jazz). We thank you all for being part of this project.
Preorder your copy of Yagull "Kai"  here.

- Album Decameron II  box set featuring Yagull's brand new track P's Ways is out now on Musea Records. You can buy it here. Here are a few words from the official press release.
 "Thirty-four bands from fourteen countries span four CDs. Each band created a new composition, in a classic Progressive rock style, inspired by their chosen story from XIVth Century Italian author Giovanni BOCCACCIO's "Decameron". Songs range from pastoral (YAGULL's beautiful acoustic guitar piece) to epic (UNITOPIA's 20 minutes masterpiece)"
- the sours album featuring Sarah Schrift, Sasha Markovic and Kana Kamitsubo keeps receiving excellent reviews from all around. Check it out on the new the sours website and keep spreading the word about this unique acoustic project.

- Yagull's first international performance at Aotani Ongaku Do, Kobe, Japan was a blast. Amazing audience! It was a night to remember, and we can't wait to go back later this year. NYC shows at Steinway Hall and The National Opera Center were very special for us, too. Stay tuned for our record release party.
Thank you so much for supporting our music. Keep spreading the word and like us on Facebook to stay tuned with all the updates, receive free mp3s and much more. We will meet soon.
Peace, Love, and Music,
Sasha & Kana

12.18.14...Yagull's international expanse!, a short interview with Sasha Markovic, and the new album announcement. Thanks to Mr.
 Dmitry Epstein and DMME.net

12.10.14...Another excellent review of "Films" on Progressor! It is two years after, but better late that never :) Thank you!

11.29.14...Five stars album!!!! The first review of "Kai" on SongMemories ( Japan )

11.22.14...Our very first international performance at Aotani Ongaku Do in Kobe , Japan. Thank you all for coming!
 This was our first full length show featuring the material from the record we are extremely proud of.
                Photos and videos coming soon!

11.09.14...Very special Yagull mini performance at the National Opera Center in New York City on November 9.2014.

10.28.14...The new Yagull album "Kai" to be released on January 2, 2015 on Moonjune Records! More info on the way.  Preorder now.

10.27.14...the sours album is the album of the week in Dutch ProgLog Afterglow!

10.26.14. ..Wild Thing gives four stars to the sours! ( new review in Greece )

10.22.14...German Melodiva covers the sours debut CD. Thanks to everybody for digging the sound!

10.18.14...JazzQuad covers new album by the sours, featuring Sarah, Sasha, and Kana ( in Russian )
               "there is a secret hidden magic in the Sours. Not every album leaves a long lasting impression of its mood. The Sours succeed in this..."

10.11.14...The Sours is a project whose music offers a mellow sound with a dose of calm, peace and mellow sound and dose of recollection  great review by Roctologist.

09.26.14...Four star review of the sours album from BlogCritics.com !!!

09.14.14...the sours review in Tomajazz, Spain 

09.07.14...Beautiful review of the sours album by Mr. Riccardo Storti of Italian Mentelocale.

08.29.14...The fantastic review of "The Sours" album in German RockTimes!

08.27.14...The new website by the sours. Thanks to fantastic Sarah Schrift for all the great new artwork and design!

08.25.14...The recording sessions for the new Yagull album- Kai are almost done. Thank you for all the wonderful musicians who contributed. Looking forward to the mixing sessions in September. So much great material to work with. 

08.14.14...Indonesian guitar virtuoso, Dewa Budjana featured on the new Yagull record!  Such an amazing, lyrical player, and a perfect
gentleman. Check out his fantastic releases on MoonJune Records Surya Namaskar featuring Vinnie Colaiuta and Jimmy Johnson, Gary Husband; Joged Kahyangan featuring Larry Goldings, Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Johnson, Peter Erskine, Janis Siegel, and the exciting new record to be realeased in October featuring Anthonio Sanchez, Ben Williams and Joe Locke.

08.03.14...Steinway Hall performance was a blast. Thank you all for coming! Felt good playing the new songs live. Videos are on the way.
 ( The set list: Omniprism, Joni, Sound Of M, Kai, Mio, Dawn, North, Offthe, Oyasumi, Dark )

07.28.14...Progressive World review of Decameron II, featuring Yagull

07.11.14...Yagull Live at the Steinway Hall on August 2, at 4PM. Join Sasha & Kana in the very special intimate performance in preview of the upcoming record "Kai", out on MoonJune Records this September, featuring Marko Djordjevic ( Sveti), Beledo, Lori Reddy, Anthony Mullin, and more surprise guest TBA soon.

07.09.14...DECAMERON PART II BOX SET featuring brand new Yagull track "P's Ways" out now on MUSEA RECORDS!!!

07.01.14...An excellent review of the sours album in ACOUSTIC MUSIC, by Mr. Mark Tucker. Read here!

06.19.14...Two performances just scheduled!!! Yagull live at Steinway Hall , Saturday 8/2/14 and National Opera Center 11/9/14. 

06.10.14..."about the new the sours album...think Joni Mitchell in her "jazz" phase fronting lo-fi REM...but with better tunes." an excellent review from The Rocker UK 

06.03.14...It's this wonderful combination of both indie Rock and Folk music and for Sasha Markovic in which I was blown away from his debut                  work on yagull "Films" sees him going into an acoustic approach. And with help from Sarah Schrift on Lead Vocals and Guitar, and Kana Kamitsubo on Piano, sees this wonderful line up called The Sours, and their debut albu go in to some directions and elements between the sound of Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Iron & Wine, and laura Veirs flown in" , Music From The Other Side Of The Room 
in depth review of "the sours" debut album.

06.01.14...The sours on Gagliarchives Radio in Philadelphia!!!

05.04.14...Another review of the sours record, this time from Belgium. Read here

05.02.14...Italian Rotter Club's fantastic review of Yagull "films"!!!

04.30.14...Yagull "films" is SOLD OUT!!! 
 Thank you all for buying it and supporting our music. It was an extremely special and personal album and it means so much when it reaches the right people. For all of you who are ordering the physical copies of the CD, please be patient by mid-May when we are getting the albums reordered. 
 Stay tuned for our second album, and the first one fully on MoonJune Records (out in September 2014).

04.28.14...Great sessions with our dear friend and guitarist extraordinaire Beledo! The tracks are being mixed now and will be featured on the new Yagull record. It is a pleasure and honor to announce the album will be this time fully on Moonjune Records!  It is great being a part of this great diverse music family with all our favorites: Soft Machine Legacy, Allan Holdsworth, The Wrong Object, Dewa Budjana, Simak Dialog, Allan Holdsworth, Susan Clynes, Dusan Jevtovic, Marbin...
Thanks to Sir Leonardo of Moonjune for continuous support.

04.26.14...Reissue of Delta Saxophone Quartet's fantastic tribute to Soft Machine featuring the bonus live track " Facelift " (mastered by Sasha Markovic). "Deditated To You... But You Weren's Listening" available on Moonjune Records!!!

04.15.14...Good review of "the sours" album on ProgBrasil ! The project featuring Sarah Schrift, Sasha & Kana is getting more press. 

03.26.14..."instrumental music doesn't get much classier." , the fantastic new review in Progression Magazine by Mr. Raymond Benson
      Available now!!! (Progression # 66)

03.12.14...The second phase of the new Yagull record sessions are starting. Great writing session with our dear friend and guitarist extraordinaire Beledo. Looking forward to the next one very much.             

02.22.14...Decameron II box set featuring Yagull's brand new track P's Ways to be released this summer on Musea Records in Europe. Thanks to Mr.Marco Bernard for directing this ambitious project! More updates and links to come.

02.06.14...Nice new Yagull "films" review in Greece!

02.05.14..."the sours" album new feature on Planet Moonjune! Sarah Schrift's and Sasha Markovic's new release is now available worldwide.

01.22.14..."ingenious, spellbinding, acoustic sceneries and dedicated melodies" ..great review of 'films" in the new edition of Maelsrom! 

01.18.14...Yagull "films" on sale worldwide through Moonjune.com!!! Check out the new full feature Yagull page on Planet Moonjune.

01.18.14..."sashasonia" album on sale worldwide through Moonjune.com!!!

12.31.13...Happy New Year from Yagull! It's been an amazing ride in 2013, and many great things are lined up for 2014, We wish you all a wonderful year full of peace, love and music. Please stay tuned for many exciting updates in 2014 and beyond. Thank you for all the love and support and see you all very soon.

12.12.13...Yagull captured live at Steinway Hall by superb photographer Zoran Jelenic.

12.07.13...Yagull "films" feature on Portugese RUM Radio, 97.5FM.  Salutations to all the fantastic Portugese fans.

12.01.13...Wonderful Spanish painter Susana Khabbaz writing about Yagull, inspiration, and art fusion

11.20.13...Yagull live from the Steinway Hall, New York City on November 2nd, 2013. The new take on the old song. The "films" opening track Dark 

deconstructed and reconstructed.

11.12.13..."The simplicity - if it is the result of a careful study - doesn't mean anything. If anything, it adds value in terms of sound communication. It is precisely for this reason that the songs of Markovic arrive, greet and welcome you with ambiguous filigree shades of film music."Another great review from Mentelocale, Italy . Thanks to Mr. Ricardo Scorti.

11.09.13...Thanks to everybody who came and supported the Asian Family Alliance fundraiser at the legendary NYC Friars Club . It was a great evening and Sasha, Sarah and Anthony were please to be a part of it. More photos from Yagull and the sours performances                     to come soon.

11.06.13...Yagull / the sours Live at the Friars Club, NYC on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 from 7pm-10pm. 
Tickets for Asian Family Alliance Fundraiser available now! Sasha Markovic, Sarah Schrift & Anthony Mullin will be music guests   
and perform the material from "films" and "the sours" albums, as well as a few surprises. Come join us and donate to this great cause. 

10.24.13..." Yagull's enchanting version of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath  makes it fresh, delicate, beautiful..." , fantastic new review of "films" in Rock Imressions  ( in Italian )

10.23.13...Yagull "films" in depth review on Progressor. Check out the Uzbekistan Progressive Rock Pages.

10.21.13...Zozemusic & "films" feature on New Prog Releases Blogspot

10.19.13...Yagull "films" in Progressive Newsletter Magazine ( Issue 77 )

10.18.13...Yagull's  Summerdreamer  on Papaj's Archives

10.6.13..."Don’t let the acoustic tag impact your mindset on this either, for there is as much power in these grooves as a Marshall stack on 11, it’s just more cerebral and only slightly less physical" , a great review by Rob Hudson in Modmove Magazine

09.13.13... Great Yagull "fims" coverage in the newest issue of Prog Resiste magazine !!!  

09.11.13...the sours album NYC record release party announced  -  Saturday, September 21, 2013 at Cafe Vivaldi.
 The new album produced by Sasha Markovic and featuring Sarah Schrift , Kana Kamitsubo and Sasha available on 
ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby, www.yagull.com . Worldwide distribution : Moonjune Records 

08.29.13...Please tune in to WBAI 99.5FM  Tuesdays at 8PM and listen to Eco Logic!!! Again,  hosted by Mr. Ken and 
featuring music from Yagull "films" album.  Listen and learn. You can also check it out online.

08.26.13...Jazz News' announcement of Yagull "films"

08.24.13...Just announced! Yagull live at the Friars Club ( Asian Family Alliance Benefit 2013 ) on Wednesday, November 6, 2013. at 7pm. Please come and support this great cause!!!

08.14.13...Chain Film Festival update: another Teed Off ( music score by Sasha Markovic ) screening tomorrow in Long Island City Tickets available here. Almost sold out, so buy now.

07.26.13...Happy Happy Birthday - Sasha and Kana live at the Subculture, New York City 7.11.13.

07.25.13...Teed Off movie ( soundtrack composed by Sasha Markovic ) is in the official selection of Chain NYC Film Festival (8.15.13). 
More info and purchase tickets here.

07.23.13..." Markovic's work presents beautiful, exotic and melancholy songs in a language that lies between the Chamber Music and Progressive..." , Brasilian Alquimia reviews "films"

07.22.13..."pleasantly blown away by the album", the great new review of "films" on Arlequins Webzine  (in Italian)

07.21.13...Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal 's Yagull feature

07.21.13...In A Gadda Da Vida!!!! Yagull live at Subculture Arts and Underground, New York City 7.11.13.

07.20.13...the sours album featuring Sarah Schrift, Sasha and Kana is ready!!! Set to be released in September 2013. Stay tuned!

07.16.13...Thanks from Sasha, Kana, Marko, Anthony and Sarah for all the support! The evening at the Subculture was very special to all of us. Check out the photos here .  Videos are coming soon!

07.11.13..."these super chill yet richly evocative instrumentals achieve a transporting, cinematic quality" ,  Time Out comments on "films"

07.11.13...Yagull "fims" record release party / Sveti  at Subculture ,   New York Daily News announcement 

07.11.13...Yagull "films" New York City record release party at the amazing new Village venue SubCulture . 
The evening will also feature special performance by Sveti ( Marko Djordjevic - a drummer extraordinaire ). 
Come join us and celebrate and support live music.  July 11th, 2013 @ 7PM,    tickets on sale now - 12$

06.24.13..."fillms" is a definite highlight of the year!!! Phil Jackson reviews the album in Acid Dragon Magazine

06.19.13...Background Magazine on Yagull "films". Another fine review!

06.13.13..."Films is a dark and somber affair, acoustic in nature with a strong flair for chamber/folk music" , Sea Of Tranquility reviews Yagull

06.12.13...Sarah Schrift' s painting

(Sasha) featured at Concentric-Big Bang exhibition in Brooklyn, NY this Thursday. 

06.11.13...Lori Reddy on the mission!!!! Read about her recent involvement in Music Therapy program at Easter Seals. And of course, support!

06.09.13...Yagull on Profile Radio!!!

05.27.13...Read the new in depth review of "films" on Progcast , great Brasilian magazine/ site dedicated to progressive music ( in Portugese )

05.14.13..."Yagull's reserved take on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and White Room struck us with ingenious, spellbinding, acoustic sceneries and dedicated melodies" , Gut Feeling Magazine reviews Yagull

05.07.13...Please visit one of our favorite all around artist's website . Very elegant painted individual will welcome you...New album "the sours" 
coming out this summer and features Sarah Schrift, Sasha Markovic and Kana Kamitsubo. Stay tuned...

04.28.13..."Sensual and sensational, a Big Apple instrumental collective project a magic light onto a mind screen..."
excellent review of Yagull "films"on DMME.net . Check out this great site and some of their fantastic interviews with numerous hard rock, blues, prog, classic rock legends (Dan McCafferty, John Lawton, Ian Anderson, Paul McCartney, Dio...)

04.25.13...Yagull "films" featured on Silhobbit.com

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03.22.13..."it is an acoustic album of depth and great beauty...", Kev Rowland reviews "films" on Maly Leksykon

03.21.13...There is no substitute for beauty, especially when it comes to the music you listen to… this acoustic group offers up some of the most beautiful 21st Century “chamber music” you’ll ever hear… just scope out “East” to hear what I’m talking about! 

03.21.13..."With the album "films" New York guitarist shows that reduced instrumentation, can make a wonderful atmosphere and a great drive",  MuzikZirkus review of Yagull "films" (in German)

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03.15.14.Moonjune's Offiicial website featuring Yagull !!!  Also, check out the fantastic new Soft Machine Legacy album Burden Of Proof, purchase tickets for Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival 2013 at Madison Square Garden featuring Allan Holdsworth, and many more Moonjune updates. Special thanks to  Leonardo Pavkovic and  John McGuire

03.15.13...Great night of live music at 206 Lounge yesterday. Yagull ( Sasha Markovic and Kana Kamitsubo) played an hour set full of new pieces, as well as material from "films", and joined by Sarah Schrift for 3 songs from the upcoming album "The Sours"         featuring Sasha. Amazing Em Z did her soulful set from 9PM, and  Walter Stedding ( Andy Warhol, Blondie, Chris Stern, Robert Fripp ) did his legendary extravaganza performance at 10PM. Read about it here, and see the photos.   


03.14.13...Live show just announced -  Yagull Live at 206 Lounge, NYC, Thursday, March 14th, 8PM. EmZ performance from 9PM will also feature Sasha ( Yagull line up: Sasha Markovic - guitar, Kana Kamitsubo- piano, very special guest Sarah Schrift-vocals)

03.09.13...Dark (by Yagull) - opening song on today's Fenix, the fantastic Portugese Radio Show , along with some great new music. Listen!!!

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01.06.13...Tune in live on Sunday , January 6th at 10AM Eastern time to listen Sasha's interview about Yagull album on Curved  Radio with Gayle Austin, legendary Australian rock DJ !!!

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01.03.13...La Villa Strangiato: tonight (January 3, 2013) @ 8:00 pm ET, CHUO 89.1 FM; www.chuo.fm

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11.27.12....MoonJune's Compilation is number 1 on BandCamp in the Jazz category!!! Thanks to everyone who supports great music!

11.27.12....Please tune in to WBAI 99.5FM  tonight at 8PM and listen to Eco Logic!!! Fantastic radio show hosted by Mr. Ken 
 featuring music from "films" album.  This episode features guest meteorologist Tom Wysmuller and his climate predictions (which were perfectly accurate for the past 3 years). You can also listen online.

11.20.12....Thanks to everyone buying "films" album!!! Please spread the word. Like us on Facebook and Reverbnation

11.19.12.....photos from Big Apple Film Festival, Tribeca Cinemas, New York City, November 14th, 2012

11.16.12.....Moonjune Records 2001-2012 Compilation featuring Yagull and sashasonia out now

11.02.12.....“Teed Off" movie (score by Sasha Markovic, featuring Joni by sashasonia) at the official selection of BAFF (Nov. 14 at Tribeca Cinemas, NYC)”

10.01.12....."sashasonia album review" 

09.30.12......"Two Tu Too on La Villa Strangiato radio broadcast (written by Sasha Markovic)"

09.22.12......"sashasonia performance at Friars Club at BurmaRelief event

(October 2nd, 2012 )"