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The Sours 

feat. Sarah Schrift, Sasha and Kana

(zozemusic 2013) 

Hug Melody album 

featuring Sasha & Kana 
(zozemusic 2015)

Yagull - "films" 

(zozemusic 2012)

"These super chill yet richly evocative instrumentals achieve a transporting, cinematic quality."   Time Out New York

"Pure, moving, cinematic, and unearthly beautiful!",    
Rootstime, Belgium

"Delectable acoustic collage of melody and subtle nuance. Kai is a winner!",  
Sea Of Tranquility, USA

"Reinvention or revelation, Kai is inviting in both extremes",  
Modmove, Australia

"Beautiful music. Deep and well played",  
On Top Audio, France

"Instrumental music doesn't get classier than this. Kai is the album of the year!"
 Raymond Benson, Progression Magazine/ James Bond Novels author

Yagull - "River Was"
(guitar album), release date 12/01/2016 (zozemusic)

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Decameron II Box Set 
featuring Yagull  tune "P's Ways" 

(Musea Records 2014)

Yagull - "KAI"  
(MoonJune Records 2015)

sasahasonia (2012)

feat. Sasha M. & Sonia Choi

​(zozemusic 2012)